Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pointing in the Right Direction

Ebooks have gained their place in the publishing world. No longer can we deny the impact on the market. With the availability of a variety of e-readers at very reasonable prices, there will be e-sales to cover that niche. Yet, give pause and think cautiously. After all, for authors there are advantages and disadvantages to consider when making a decision of what publishing route to take.

With e-publishing in its infancy and the economy in a slump, the stability of e-publishers to hang in there for the long haul can be precarious. An author may be taking a risk. If the e-pub goes defunct, so does the availability of his/her book. On the other hand, for new and emerging authors there is greater chance of acceptance.

For an excellent overview of this topic, check out this web page. It pertains to romance writing, but could apply to any genre.