Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weekly Deets -- 5.24.15

Thought I'd try something different, something fresh, something that may flop ... or not :-) I'd considered a daily one, but I will be lucky to make it once a week! So, here goes ...

#1. This week I've been doing my agent query thing -- does this make everybody anxious, insecure, and all the troublesome bother that comes along the way to make you want to cry uncle? -- and sent out a half dozen more, a half dozen hopeful requests. This will be a total of 52, I believe. Not sure if that's good or bad. My goal is 100 and then if I get no takers, I'll pick a few indie publishers to query. (Some days I feel my decision-making is like I'm in a thick fog, not finding a true path, wandering aimlessly.)

Even though my experience with twitter pitching and contests gave me a fantastic high, nothing came of it. I remained agentless. I still believe in such venues, because it's a success for many, just not me. Yet. (And yes, those eight or so agents are included in my query total, along with all those cold queries.)

#2. Writing has taken me in another direction as of late. About a month ago I started a romance novel -- I'm usually all about mystery -- and it's coming along. But darn if some mystery elements didn't start creeping into the story! Can't help myself. I have a feeling it will turn into another mystery with romantic elements before long. And yes, I didn't outline this time. Again, a departure for me. Oh, I used to dive into stories without an outline. All the time. Then when I'd reach around page 50 or so, it would click and I'd take a break to develop a chapter by chapter summary of the WIP. And you know what? I see why I finally began creating outlines beforehand! Painting myself into those writer corners is not a pleasant thing. :-(

#3. Planning my first author visit for A Deadly Deed Grows. It's in two weeks. Yikes! My procrastinating self will most likely take charge and it will be two days before the event when I start to panic and work like the devil to get everything ready. Online sales have been slow as a slug. Hopefully with a little more exposure and time it will do better. I'm thinking of a follow-up to this one. Series do tend to sell better than stand-alones. We'll see. A lot on my plate right now. 

Okay. Enough for now. Until next week! Have a great one!

A Deadly Deed Grows