Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What Struggles Do Your Characters Face?

'Tis the season when we may share our kindness and our generosity. It's the time to give joy. And there's nothing like this opportunity to discover the good in us. We all have shortcomings, human failing being what it is. However, we know life is full of struggle. The important thing is how we handle it. Some will ignore their failings, others will strive to improve them. So, yes, there's no better time than the holiday season to discover what's good in all of us. 

It's funny, but I've come to recognize the struggles my characters have are similar to mine. Yes. A full disclosure moment. *sigh* ... For instance, self-confidence. I struggle with that at times. And it makes for awkward moments in social situations. Relationships may suffer. Conversation may sound clumsy. Or I might appear snobby when I'm really shy. Still, I try to make an effort. One greeting at a time. LOL. My character, Lilly Milanovanovich from the Lilly M Mystery Series, has issues like this. She bungles through life, saying the wrong things, making the wrong choices at the worst possible moments. Yet, somehow she manages. She has a generous heart, a loving soul. She strives to help people with their problems, even at the risk to her life.

Another struggle I have is being critical. Especially of myself. Even if the strive for perfection can give me positive results, it's a rather impractical notion to expect this all the time. Always? Yes, it's exhausting. Hadley Brennan--from my current work-in-progress, It's a Con's Life--struggles with this problem. She's been wanting the perfect life with the perfect job, believing it's the path to her happiness. It takes a lesson or several to show her how finding happiness comes from within, no matter where she is or what she has. 

I guess, when I write about my characters, giving them problems to work through, it's almost therapeutic. Their solutions sometimes become mine, and along the way, hopefully, we will all find happiness. After all, everyone loves a happy ending. Right? 

Happy holidays, everyone!