Monday, October 24, 2016

The Musical Sense of Emotional Triggers

Years ago I was watching an episode of the TV series, Warehouse 13. It's a bit weird and not for everyone. Heck, not sure it is for me! I quit watching after season one. However, some points stuck with me. For instance, this particular episode titled "Resonance" proposed the idea of certain melodies having the ability to create a feeling of euphoria. Now, that isn't so weird. Right? 

Regarding writing, I have many colleagues who insist listening to certain types of music helps create whatever mood their story is in at that moment. I myself need either silence or instrumental tunes when I write. Song lyrics get mixed up with my story vocabulary and turn out all kinds of nonsense. Not a pretty picture. That's not to say I don't use music. I have lots of music in mind when I write. I include music references in certain parts of my story. Case in point, in one of my unpublished works -- Grave Maker Blues -- the lead male character is a blues singer and the female character owns the bar where he plays. It's been lots of fun researching blues music and finding the perfect song for each scene. 

Even though it's hard for me to listen while I write, I have been known to listen to certain music if I'm having trouble with a scene already written. Maybe the words aren't conveying the mood I want to achieve, something like that. Play the right song and voila! Come on. Think about it. Who puts on romantic music when it's date night with a girlfriend or boyfriend? Or how about when you go to an exercise class? Want to speed up the tempo of those aerobics, you play fast tunes. During a cool down, slow, easy, calm will do the trick. If I'm feeling a little discouraged about writing or really anything... those favorite songs get me back up! Hey, it even helps when I'm tired! And so much more fun than chewing gum to keep me awake. 

Now, as for using a particular melody to hypnotize people into a euphoric state while bank robbers manage to get away with the loot? Well, please don't :-) Let's keep it positive and productive in a good way, shall we? 

By the way, while writing this post, I've been listening to the instrumental version of "Don't Disturb This Groove" a throwback to the eighties by The System. It's one of my feel good songs. Enjoy! 

Happy writing, everyone!