Saturday, April 30, 2011

Multiple Intelligences -- How Do You View the World?

I happened to find a site that brought to mind ... how do I view matters, how do I think, how do I cope, i.e., how do I get through my day! I teach, so of course, how my students learn is one of my main concerns. However, I can see how this would affect one's writing. The choice of words, actions, etc. put into the story. In any case, this was a real eye-opener when I decided to take this survey. Some of the results I could have predicted, but others were a bit surprising. And the questions? Well, see for yourself and take the test!

Multiple Intelligences

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Look at Me!

Look at me! I'm pretty :-) All adorned in bright spring-like colors. I just had to post about it, even though it has nothing to do with writing. Yet, then again, it might. Imagery is a part of what we write. And artistry "speaks" a cornicopea of words. Hand in hand they give us the "stuff" to fuel our imaginations. So, this is a bit of spring to announce what we expect will come, all with bright colors and hopeful images ... even if it won't stop raining here in Ohio and giving us temperatures that belong in February! I guess when I tire of looking out the window, I will click on my blog and stare at the page. So very pretty...