Monday, May 28, 2012

Life is Good ... A Celebration

Life is good ... at least most of the time. Recently, our older daughter got married. It was a beach wedding in Florida, and it was beautiful. Perfect ceremony, perfect weather with perfect sunrise walks on the beach, just a perfect weeklong stay. It was a moment -- as my husband puts it. A moment you get to share with people ... friends, family ... who you may never see again, or at least not for a long time, and you think to yourself, "I want to hold this brief time in the palm of my hand and never let go".

Obviously, as we get older, we get a little sappy sometimes about these memories ... or at least that's what our kids think as they smile and shake their heads at us. They will get it someday, how every minute of every day is not wasted, if you choose to take the opportunity. I know this. And I regret every one of those precious minutes when I choose to waste them. Of course, when it's not up to me ... like waiting in the doctor's office, going to a meeting that seems so pointless, and so on, I always think of the many things I could be doing.

So, yes, life can be good, but only if you seize the opportunities layed out before you and make them special, taking those richly filled moments and carry them in the palm of your hand. Sorry, if I do sound sappy, as my kids describe it. It's what I do. And I'm proud of it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to writing this great story I'm working on ... just taking advantage of the moment.  Reminder to self: keep the television turned off, don't touch that button to open Facebook. Write, darn it, write!

Alice in Realityland