Monday, July 16, 2012


A year ago I published a post about eBooks and Kindles and Amanda Hocking. It sparked a discussion, and now, I guess, it sparked a nomination for Most Fascinating Blog in 2012 for the Creative Writing category. (Look to the right. -->) It's nice to be recognized. In fact, every once in awhile, to receive those pick-me-up moments, no matter how big or small, makes me feel goosies and the push to trudge along in my writing endeavors.

So, I say thank you as I rub my arms to smooth away the goosies and put myself back in front of the keyboard, fingers flexed, WIP in front of me ... and ... WE'RE OFF AND RUNNING!

P.S. If you are so inclined and would like to read the post, here is a quickie link to get you there.

To Kindle or Not to Kindle - That is the Publishing Question

And then, if you, too, feel the "spark" of excitement, inspiration, or whatever your spark is, please consider raising your hand or glass or flag or ... you get the idea, and vote for me :-) BUT NOT UNTIL JULY 23RD ... because they won't let you before then.

** Update ... obviously there was a glitch in the voting process and it has been extended until August 10th. Still a bit tricky to do. You need to create a Google+ account and then click on comments under the Creative Writing Award post where you will find a list of the nominees. The rest of the directions are there. I personally think people should get a prize just for successfully navigating there way through that maze to vote!