Saturday, January 22, 2011

Writing Revisited

Hello all ... after a long hiatus, I am back to revisit a familiar topic, one I've commented on before, but that often needs to show its face, just to remind ourselves of its importance: avoiding the writing blues, keeping the craft in focus and thriving. It's not easy. We come up with more excuses than ... well, we could write a book on that! :-) Sometimes we need a cheerleader in our corner, one who will say, "You can do this. Just put yourself back in front of that computer and WRITE!" Well, actually, you say, that's easier said then done. So, here is yet another list of tips on the topic, expertly crafted by Noelle Sterne and featured in the latest issue (1/20) of Writing World .

1. Schedule realistic times to write. -- base it on daily responsibilities and your personality
2. Mark your calendar. -- then you're committing to it in writing, much more effective
3. The night before, plan exactly what to work on. -- gives you focus and concrete goals
4. Start with something easy. -- whether working on a new project or existing one
5. Set small goals you know you can meet. -- usually applies to a word count -- how many/day?
6. Sneak into it. -- going back over to edit what you wrote yesterday might "jumpstart" today's!
7. Make a list. -- might be an outline of your WIP or even materials you need, resources, etc.
8. Choose one thing from your master list. -- example, start in the middle of a story
9. Use the "diaper method." --overwhelmed? cover up all of your to-do list, but what to do NOW
10. Keep a log of your writing time. -- helps you to learn about your writing habits
11. Accept your "moody" feelings. -- taking a break -a jog, music, etc. - will help rejuvinate you!

For the full article, go to the
Writing World website.