Friday, October 17, 2008

Reading & Writing...the Connection

How many of you agree that readers make better writers? I find with my students there appears to be a connection. And it's frustrating in that so few of them are readers. Oh, of course they may dedicate themselves to their studies and class texts, but reading as a choice? Seldom happens. To find words of encouragement that work?...equally as frustrating. I tell them to think about what interests them. There are hundreds, thousands of books out there that could be about that interest. Reading feeds and expands the imagination, I tell them. It opens up a world of information, experiences. We all learn by example. To learn about styles of writing, we read. And we learn. We imitate. A little from this author, a little from that one, and then eventually we create a style we call our own. At least that's how I see it. What do you think? Share your thoughts.


David G. Genchi said...

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Got2xpressit said...

I am a new comer to blogging, and I happened upon your blog while trying to figure out how blogging works. I enjoyed reading your blog, and I agree with you, for the most part in that readers can make better writers, if they enjoy that type of art form. However, in addition, I think that it is people who can transfer vision through their writing that make great writers. An inference exercise that I have learned about, and you might have knowledge on, is to have your students draw what they envision from a descriptive part of a story, that you are reading. You will read it aloud, and they will draw what they picture. Perhaps, while they draw you can play background music to relax them. I hope my suggestion will help you and your students become better readers as well as writers.

Adam James Nall said...

Interesting post. The more one reads the more one's writing is influenced, for better and/or for worse. What one reads is certainly a factor in how one writes.



Marcy said...

It's always been my experience that the more reading I do, the better my own writing gets (especially if I read high-quality writing). I read nearly anything and love to write. Writing also takes lots of practice and it takes time for people to find their voice.

teacherwriter said...

Reading quality works, writing practice, practice, practice... I agree wholeheartedly! And the descriptive writing process through art is a great idea! Thank you for your responses.

Anonymous said...
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Nubian Queen said...

I very much agree with the connection between reading and writing. As a child I loved to read and in turn, loved writing. My imagination was very vivid for a young girl and now that I am older and my reading variety is widened, so is my imagination, ideals, and thoughts for writing. I love reading your blogs and it was actually the 1st one I ran across after recently subscribing.

Got2xpressit said...

I have enjoyed viewing everyone's comments on your blog, but being new to blogging I am trying to find my way around this platform..And so I bid you farewell and best of luck

Laree D said...

Yes i do beleive there is a cinnection between avid readers and writers. If you read a lot, you become familiar with different styles of writing and am better prepared t create your style.