Monday, August 3, 2009

Name That Novel #4

Okay, we are back with "Name that Novel Title and Author". This excerpt is from the classics. See what you can do with it:

Apparently Armstid has never once looked full at her. Yet he has already seen that she wears no wedding ring.... "How far you come from?" he says.

She expels her breath. It is not a sigh so much as a peaceful expiration, as though of peaceful astonishment. "A right good piece, it seems now. I come from Alabama."

"Alabama? In your shape? Where's you folks?"

She does not look at him, either. "I'm looking to meet him up this way. You might know him. His name is Lucas Burch. They told me back yonder a ways that he is in Jefferson, working for the planing mill."

.....Well, there you have it. And good luck to all!

(And, people, PLEASE try not to be tempted to google the character names first. That is sooooo like cheating!)

Okay, time's up! Yes, the author is William Faulkner....and the title? Light in August :-) I will be back with another one, soon.


Sanctum's Muse said...

Ok, total stab in the dark...

With the unusual character names and the setting, I'd say the author is William Faulkner. Maybe Absolom, Absolom?
Of course, this passage doesn't seem to have Faulkner's typical long-winded style.

My second guess would be a work by Toni Morrison. That's the best I can do without googling.

Love your blog, BTW. You just got a new follower! I'm crazy about literature.

aynzan said...

I give up!! I love your style of writing..Now can I google ????? (Ha!! Ha!!)

Cara Powers said...

I googled. It would be one of those books I never managed to get past the first couple pages of. Good luck y'all. Hint: very famous book.

teacherwriter said...

Sanctum's Muse... is on the right track. Faulkner is the author. Now, what is the title?

Sanctum's Muse said...

I can't answer this time because I ended up googling out of curiosity, but I was surprised at how close I came to the correct answer!

Teri K said...

Sanctum's Muse, I'm shocked! (She's my daughter-in-law). If you weren't sick you'd have gotten the title for sure! I googled, of course. Faulkner has always bested me.

I like this blog a lot. I'm crazy about lit, too, and I'm a teacher and a writer, (as is Sanctum -- she's very talented).

Please stop by if you like and visit me at

teacherwriter said...

I've posted the answer to the novel question! (Read underneath the quote.)