Friday, February 17, 2012

Posting Pot Pourri ... a Little of This, Little of That

My mind is rambling with its thoughts. So, I'm going to plant some of them here and see what grows :-) One website that's "wordy" and just for fun ... Wordle Clouds where you can create cool designs by placing a series of words in the box. Change the font, the color scheme, etc. to tickle your fancy and ... voila! You have an artistic creation of your writing creation to enjoy.

Actually, my only gripe about it was if you put in too many words, it only spits back a visual with the most used words. Huh ... don't get that. Maybe I just need more playtime to get better results. Anyway, enjoy!

Best time to write ... I always wonder how other people do this. I personally think my creative juices are going at warp speed first thing in the morning and then again very late at night. No rhyme or reason to it. How about you?

Nightmare of writing ... I have it. Everytime I finish a book, I fear I can never do it again. And then I do. Grrrrr. And I don't think I will ever get past this. Even if I manage to get fifty books under my belt (don't think I have enough time in this world to do this, though), I still will have that fear. How about you?

Short but sweet, that's it for now. Good luck with your writing and keep those fingers tapping on those keys!


DJ Lutz said...

Wordle looks very cool. I managed to get a great image, but somehow lost it. Once I have more time, I will play some more and try to find it again. I tend to write in the early morning or late at night, whenever the family (includes puppies) are settled down and quiet.

Author and Reader said...

Hi DJ! Yeah, you make a good point. It does help to write when the household isn't so wild and frantic!