Sunday, February 3, 2013

Darn ... He Did It Again!

He always manages. Why would this one be any different? I am referring to Stephen King's recent work of art, 11/22/63, a close to 1,000 page fiction account centering around JFK's assassination. Of course, those of you who are familiar with King's work would know that this is by no means close to what one would predict such a story might be about. Au contraire, mes amis. King throws time travel, romance, a little touch of horror, and what would be expected, his usual crafty, humorous style that is so unique to KIng's writing into it.

I have to say the sheer versatility of his talent still mind-boggles me. An author who jumps from horror to writing touching stories like Stand by Me ... well, after all, it is Stephen King I'm talking about. Right? Okay, back to the JFK retelling. Most who have read this would probably say there is no way you could predict how it would end. In my mind, I decided there was only way it should end, but true enough, I really couldn't tell if it would go that way, even right up to the last few pages. Lots of twists and turns made for a true page-turner. And there's something about his style, the weaving of his words, the authentic references to the late fifties, early sixties from music to dance to everything, and the colorful, entertaining characters, the oddities like the Yellow Card Man, the endless details that seem to stoke the fire of curiosity, make you go on reading rather than bore you to tears, all of that makes me sigh and say, "um, ah, now there's a satisifying read!" Trite as it may be, I truly felt like I traveled back to Dallas and the early sixties. I was right there with Jake/George.

King sets the scene with the main character, Jake, aka George, who leads an unfullfilled and troubled life. It's no wonder he decides without too much hesitation to go on an adventure, taking him to another time and place. More than once, but always beginning in 1958. But the ultimate journey would take him across several years, all the way to 1963. And how can he refuse? After all, he will save the world, so to speak, become a hero, if all turns out as planned. What better quest than that. Right? But as they say, or as Stephen King says, the past is obdurate, stubborn and resistant to change. So, anything can happen ... and will. Just read it and see.

Worth the purchase and your time invested?  Yes. Most definitely. Of course, I was lucky to purchase this at $3.99 for the eBook. It's much more, now. And my thoughts on those priced at $9.99 and up, when you can purchase the trade PB or even HB for just a few dollars more, well, that's a whole other post topic!

Have a great day, and enjoy reading :-)                 11/22/63 by Stephen King


Elliot Grace said... an admitted victim of King's work, (I've gobbled up the majority of his stories since my teenage years,) this one breaks into my personal top five list of his best creations.

Sneaking back to the '60's in order to alter history...what an ingenious idea ;)

I it, read it, you'll love it!


teacherwriter said...

I know what you mean, Elliot! His writing is an addiction that satisfies the appetite like a scrumptious meal. I can't get enough.