Monday, June 9, 2014

Beaches and Summer Reading

IMG_1371It’s that time again … the temps are hot, the skies are brightly lit with abundant sunshine, the beach and ocean waves are calling. And so is your latest, hottest beach read! So, what do you choose?

Well, I guess that depends on what you enjoy reading – thrillers, dramatic tales of tragedy and success, steamy romance, complex mysteries to really make you exercise your brain, … you might have some idea, but it doesn’t hurt to find recommendations. They are out there, trust me. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, bloggers, Goodreads, and on and on. You Google the topic and you’ll get scads of hits.

Personally, I love mystery, romance, drama and especially those where the beach and the ocean are part of the setting. Right now I’m reading the second in a new series by Julie Lindsey titled Murder Comes Ashore, part of her Patience Price mysteries. It takes place on the island – off the shore of Virginia – called Chincoteague. It exists and now I want to go there!

Seriously, there is something compelling about an ocean shore setting. It relaxes me, makes me feel like I’ve escaped the rat race, which is my main reason for reading, i.e. escapism. That most likely is the reason four of my novels take place in coastal towns. Dying to Dream is along the Louisiana Gulf, Devilish, Devious, and Deadly with One Bite and A Deadly Deed Grows (soon to be released) you’ll find along the Florida Panhandle in such quaint towns as Cape San Blas. Those are all mysteries, but recently I ventured into romance and have a series where the setting is on the Georgia coastline, starting with Catalina’s Spring. Some settings I’ve been to, but some I just choose because it makes me feel good writing about places like that. Much as I enjoy in reading about them, I guess.

In any case, I thought I would help those readers trying to decide by posting a couple of links. One is from Goodreads with a list of summer reads that do take place on the beach. The other comes from the Huffington Post. That one is loaded with suggestions in all areas of interest. So, happy reading to all! And enjoy your summer!

Goodreads Summer List

The Huffington Post Recommends ...

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