Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weekly Deets -- 7.8.15

Yes, yes. Late again. Yet, here I am. I wanted to wait until after my author visit to post, but another day passed and then another. Before the week is entirely gone, I am writing a new post. Part of my excuse deals with the True Blood series. I finished watching the final episodes today with my daughter -- the one who caused all this madness in the first place by suggesting I watch! 

I loved it. I truly loved it. And now I'm heartbroken because it's done. After three weeks of binge TV and seven seasons, i.e. 110 episodes, and I refuse to add up the total minutes, I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Sad, yes, I know. But true. Next comes the books. I've only read the first, and there are thirteen Sookie Stackhouse novels. I want to compare the author's writing to the show, how they differ, because I'm assured they do differ. Will post later on that.

Monday evening I made another author visit to my hometown library. It's always fun going back. I don't live that far away now, but I love to reminisce. There were a few visitors, my sister and brother-in-law included. I also got a wonderful surprise to see a high school classmate. I love him for that. We hadn't seen each other since graduation, and I won't admit how many years ago that's been! I sold a few books, but it's the talk that I love the most. Such a great time.

Next up, the Learned Owl Bookshop on Saturday. Signing at bookstores is so different. Engaging in a more intimate way, one on one most of the time, talking with customers. I'm looking forward to browsing the store for goodies! Independent bookstores are full of them. 

Writing is coming along. Sort of. One of my guests Monday evening asked what kind of mood writing puts me in, if I experience times when I somehow connect with the story on a much deeper level. Or maybe have an "ah hah!" moment. I told him I have plenty of angst! It can be shear torture at any given point when each word on the page is a struggle, especially with descriptive details. And when it's done ... like a labor of love, painful but worth the effort, it will shine, and I do enjoy that. 

Wrapping it up, I will quote Stephen King (from his book On Writing) on descriptive writing -- "Description begins in the writer's imagination but should finish in the reader's." In other words, when putting descriptive details into your work ... "The trick is to find a happy medium."

And by the way, you may find it interesting that one of King's pet peeves about description is when writers include the tiniest details about what a character is wearing or how he/she looks. Unless, for example, Martha wearing a blue polka dot dress is significant to the plot, you don't need such detail. In his words, "If I want to read a description of clothes, I can always get a J. Crew catalogue." Of course, this is just his opinion. But he is friggin' Stephen King!

P.S. A Deadly Deed Grows now has 15 reviews on Amazon! Chug, chug along. 

Happy reading and writing, everybody!

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