Thursday, October 22, 2015

Grammarly Deets -- An Interim Note

I apologize for making you wait, but I'm in the midst of an editing quagmire, i.e. 2nd round (reread and revise) of my WIP, Camellia's Choice. In light of that, I decided to post my checklist, a truck load of words and phrases to cull from my story. I know it will seem a tedious, overwhelming task to many, but it really does the job. The first stage of it, anyway. Ah yes, there will be more! As if that's not bad enough, I run through my manuscript one word at a time. Go ahead and count. Yep. That's ... hmm ... around sixty-some? Imagine that. Scanning through 300 or so pages sixty times? No. I confess. I don't do that many. I search each word to see how many times I've used it. If it comes in at a low number, I skip it. Otherwise, maybe one or three years from now, you'd be finding me in a padded cell, gone cuckoo with my mind stuck in editing gear, words trolling through my brain while I sputter and spout all sorts of nonsense. Talk about nonsense ... let me stop, now, and get to that list.

·        decide(d)
·        notice(d)
·        realise(d)
·        watch(ed)
·        saw
·        heard
·        thought
·        wonder(ed)
·        look(ed)
·        seem(ed)
·        knew
·        begin/began/begun to
·        start to
·        about to
·        could

·        a bit,
·        a little,
·        about,
·        actually,
·        almost,
·        almost like,
·        already,
·        appears,
·        approximately,
·        basically,
·        close to,
·        even,
·        eventually,
·        exactly,
·        fairly,

·        finally, 
·        here,
·        highly,
·        instead
·        just,
·        just then,
·        kind of,
·        mostly,
·        nearly,
·        now
·        only
·        practically,
·        pretty,
·        quite,
·        rather,
·        really,  
·        simply,
·        slightly,
·        so,
·        some of
·        somehow,
·        somewhat,
·        somewhat like,
·        sort of,
·        suddenly,
·        that
·        then,
·        there,
·        truly,
·        utterly,
·        very

        *Phrases to shorten: 

·        in front of (before, ahead)
·        at the back (behind)
·        out of (from, away, beyond)
·        off of (off)
“Throw up into your typewriter every morning. Clean up every noon.”
         -Raymond Chandler
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          Happy writing and editing!

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