Monday, April 18, 2016

The Problem With Planning, i.e. Life

All right. First, I'm not the type to whine or complain ... especially on social media. Oh, don't get me wrong. I DO complain and whine in private. Plenty. I mean, who doesn't? Those times when things don't go well, zigged when I should've zagged, turned right when it should've been left, took the winding, curvy path when the straight line was right there in front of me. OR life took over, events totally out of my control happened with no personal choice allowed. Yes, ah yes. This is what I mean. 

I finished watching the television mini series based on Stephen King's novel 11.22.63. And before you ask, I did read the book a couple of years ago. And before you ask the other question, yes, the book is better. The book is always better. (except for Braveheart ... how such a tiny, tiny book could be made into such an epic film still impresses me). Anyway, to the point. King writes about the obdurate past, how that stubborn ass b**ch keeps messing with the MC's agenda. I chewed on that for awhile, the obdurate past concept, and finally decided it's all true. Life is full of the obdurate, only in our present and future. Forget the past. Nobody gets to fall into the rabbit hole and partake in a rerun of days gone by. Nope. Except in fiction. I love the idea and one day may write a time travel novel ... but I'm off on a tangent, again. Sorry. 

I like structure and planning, but I also enjoy the impromptu, the impulsive moments in my life. However, when I make plans I'd sure like to see them through in a timely manner, according to ... well, the plan I went to all the bother to create. Geesh. Like my writing, for instance. It would be grand if it went smoothly like this: 1)develop synopsis and outline; 2)establish a timeline to proceed with writing; 3)write chapters according to timeline; 4)edit; 5)repeat edit; 6)final reading; 7)send my precious baby off to agent; 8)start new project while I wait on news about previous project. Yeah, something like that. 

But then life happens. And you all know what I mean. Some of us are more disciplined than others. I will admit that can be part of my problem. Best of intentions and all that stuff. I'm Nemo. I'm swimming along, intent on my path, then BAM! Oh! Would you look at that? Maybe I'll take a quick peek and ... There I go, off track, zigging when I should've been zagging, turning when I should've gone straight. *Sigh* Life. 

P.S. Despite all this diversionary rambling, I have completed a second novel in my Shades of Blue mystery series. And I have mapped out a synopsis for a new cozy series: #1 entitled ... wait for it ... Don't Judge a Con by Her Cover. (Cute, right?) So, I'm not gonna be too hard on myself. Just a little hard. Okay?

**This post is dedicated to my dear mother-in-law, Dolores. She broke her hip and is doing the rehab thing in a nice facility. She's a brave, strong lady. Go Dolores! And don't take the twisty, winding path. You've got this :-

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