Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In Your Opinion

I read an article online today concerning corporal punishment in the public school system. The statistics give pause to seriously think about the disparity throughout the U.S. For instance, did you know that 29 of our states have banned this type of punishment in public schools? Read for yourself and then give me your opinion. Should we allow it at all? Does it work? What about in your area's schools?


_-*Kristen*-_ said...

I think it would work acatually, but the schools should send out a letter of notice in the mail to the parents about it just to be sure that they know. There should be schools that do, and ones that dont. so the parent would have a option. also, they should allow a choice of a paddling or a detention. Yes, most kids choose the paddling, but at least theyre still getting punished for what they did.

dont get me wrong, but i believe that this generation has been softened by all of the child abuse laws out there. how are you going to keep a kid in line by saying "no you cant do that" and punishing them by taking away the tv? theyll get used to taking away something and not listen to you anyway. there has to be some way to punish your kids, some kind of medium or something. Like maybe a spank on the bottom or something, and if its more severe, like beating someone up, you should ground them to your room for a day.

but thats besides the point, there should be an option towards parents of if they want their kid to be punished rightly at school, or have it be an inconvience to the parent as well as the kid.

Oh, and the schools should at least tell the parent that a paddling happened.

teacherwriter said...

I work in a school system. And I agree that what we use isn't working. We have ISS (in-school suspension). Many students consider this a vacation from the classroom. Then there is OSS which puts the students out of school. And that's an even better vacation to them! I'm not sure what will work. But unless teachers and parents can get together and make a united stand, as they say "it ain't gonna happen". It's a shame because as a teacher all I really want to do is teach, and not spend so much time disciplining. a perfect world... :)

_-*Kristen*-_ said...

haha... well, youre right, if something isnt done soon about this then we will be screwed. it shouldnt be as severe as hitting someone if they got something wrong, or giving them a bruise or anything. but what i think is if the schools started enforcing that type of punishment IN FRONT OF THE CLASSROOM for behavior such as being a disruption in class, and have there be no alternative to it. they should have THAT plus they should have to write sentences AND have iss. what we do at our school is they have to write the entire time that they are in there, and if we get done with our work, we write some more.

If they become a really bad nusiance, they should have those, PLUS double the work for their classes, and if they do not do it, they fail the class for the 6 weeks.

I think the copral punishment in front of the class should be enough. With the embarassment i think they would be good for once.

but like you said... only in a perfect world.

brainsnorts said...

what people forget about is the reason for iss and oss. out of school suspension is supposed to have the following effect:

kid gets in trouble
kid stays home suspended
parent gets upset
parent must find way to take care of kid all day
parent punishes kid
kid responds with better behavior to avoid future punishment.

but that's not what happens. instead it goes like this:

kid gets in trouble
kid stays home
parent tells kid his teacher is crazy
parent takes kid to mcdonalds and for new sneakers

discipline starts at home. if a parent doesn't teach the right lessons at home, then it's going to be hard to get the kid to respect his/her teachers, of which i'm one.

as for corporal punishment, why? adults do not give kids enough credit for their intelligence, although they don't use it as often as they should. i have never and will never hit my kids because they will always respond better to a discussion. if my daughter does something wrong, then i will explain why it was wrong and how to handle it next time. if she does it wrong again intentionally, then i have to talk to her again and add something, but not hitting.

there are only two reasons why parents/adults hit kids. one, it's because of their own frustration from not knowing what else to do. two, it's what their parents did to them, so they've been taught that practice and believe it's the right thing to do.

also, teachers in some texas schools can carry guns in school. how do you feel about that?