Monday, August 23, 2010

Pointing in the Right Direction -- Author Success

Debra Riley-Magnus is a marketing and advertising professional and runs an author success coaching business. As a FB friend, I found myself directed to her series of articles on building an author platform and planning the successful book launch. There are (or will be) twelve articles, starting with "But ... I'm a writer, not a business person!". Let's face it. Many authors are solitary, if not shy characters. It's difficult to get out there and sell. But it's also a widely overlooked part of the plan when authors do not start building a platform, network to increase awareness and friends, and at the very least create interest BEFORE the book comes out.

In any case, if this is something you've often thought about, please read her articles. Debra offers many practical tips to get you started and give you confidence so even the shy, solitary you can be successful in your book-selling endeavors.

Author Success

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