Friday, August 6, 2010

Pointing in the Right Direction

For those of you who have published or consider being published by way of ebook format .... Cheers! The stage has been set by many ereaders flooding the market. The books are all there, ripe for the downloading, so what's holding you back? Oh, I know ... the publishing world, those purists -- agents, publishers, and authors, who still seem to regard anything other than an old-fashioned paper-between-two-covers book edited, produced, and packaged by a traditional publisher to be substandard rubbish. Well, they might as well leave their ideas in the attic along with the cobwebs because it's a brand new world out there.

Just giving it some personal thought, and evidence to substantiate, there are a lot of ebooks out there that need more polishing before they hit the ebook store, but I feel that will change. As more and more legitimate publishers consider first edition ebooks as their strategy, more time and effort will be given to editing. In any case, for those who might want to read more, check out the web article on the opinion of one publisher:

E Publishing Will Replace Traditional Books


Sarah said...

I can't sit in front of a computer to read a book, or hold a device in hand other than words on paper to read it. Call me old fashion, but I can barely catch up with reading blogs. :)

teacherwriter said...

It is overwhelming, isn't it? All the information by way of computer is waaaay too much. It reminds me of that commercial where one person mentions something, like toaster, for instance, and then the other person (the one who is supposed to be in computer overload, I guess) starts rattling off every possible topic you would find on line that has to do with toasters. It's funny, but scary at the same time, because it's so true! So, old-fashioned views are refreshing, I think. Bravo! :-)