Thursday, September 9, 2010

Check It Out ... Weekly Websites

Here are some helpful and fun sites. And they are all free!

Ever think about creating your own ezine? Here is a website that helps you set it up, get it started, so you can do just that. Check it out:

Net EZine

And if you want to jazz up your font look, try the features on these websites:

Freefonts and Font Space

Of course, if you are just looking for something free AND fun, this next website will fill the need. You supply a sample of your writing and find out which author's style matches yours. What a boost that can be! Even if it's just for kicks. Check it out:

I Write Like

Have fun!


erchonem said...

Hi there. Regarding your fonts website suggestion; i would like to suggests another similar website: Also free, and with a huge fonts collection. I hope it helps.

teacherwriter said...

erchonem... thank you so much for your suggestion. I had almost forgotten about the font websites! Your tip sounds like a great one.

Thanks for stopping by :-)