Sunday, September 12, 2010

Reading ... How Do You Do It?

Having my story, "A Date to Die For", put into a podcast on New Fiction Writers got me to thinking ... how many people prefer to listen to a story rather than read it? I myself am a visual learner, so it stands to reason that I enjoy seeing the words and reading them to get the job done. Yet, there are so many benefits to listening that you don't get when reading. For instance, the delivery of words, maybe the nuance and intonation given to them, may help with the intent of the author's message. And I must say, Renee Chamblis does a wonderful job with the delivery and her voices to match the various characters' dialogue. Secondly, consider situations where looking and reading a story just aren't possible. When your driving, doing dishes, ironing, dusting, working in the yard, just wanting to keep your eyes closed, but your mind active! ... all those could warrant listening to a story.

Anyway, just curious to your opinions .... what is your preference? Do you ever listen to stories and books?

And please, if you get some free time ... or want to multitask ... check out the website and have a listen. If not to my story, then to the many others podcasted at Tony Whitford's creation, New Fiction Writers. Enjoy!

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Vanessa Rogers said...

We always get lots of books on Cd when taking road trips. They are the best way to pass the time. Afterwards, I never know whether to say "I read the book" or "listen to the book."