Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tragedy: Name That Author #1

Okay, now I've posted game questions in the past. I've quoted from books and asked you to name the title. I've quoted poems and asked you to name the poet. This time the game will be a bit more ... tragic. This idea came about, by the way, when I mentioned on my author facebook page that generally people who have careers in the arts live longer. As always, there are exceptions and yes, what I'm going to do here is describe the circumstance of an author's tragic death. Then someone, I'm certain, will guess the author in question. Ready? Starting with an easier one.

As it is known, depression will often run in families. In this instance, the author I'm describing died after putting the end of his favorite shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Now, he may have been feeling the riggers of alcoholism and spent time in a hospital due to extreme paranoia, but then there was also the depression. Sadly, both his brother and sister commited suicide as well.

So, who is this famous author?

So, time's up! The answer .... drumroll please .... Ernest Hemingway! 

Don't worry ... I will post a new one next week :-)

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