Thursday, November 30, 2017

December Challenge

Hi to all, and wishing you the happiest of holidays! 

Taking the advice of a super agent lady, I'm rising to the challenge. Write each day in the month of December. A few words or hundreds, it doesn't matter. Those words don't even need to connect day to day. Just write. 

My challenge will be a pot pouri of various thoughts. Some personal, others may be creative. 

Today I'll start with a poem about the upcoming holiday. Not sure how this will come off, but here goes... (And yes, I'm getting a head start. We'll call it a test drive. 😊)

The holidays are seldom empty or easy.
They go by in a blur, in a tumble of tasks,
To shop, to decorate, to bake can be pleasing.
To have time for them all is what I ask.
It's stressful and comforting, a paradox of sorts.
A love-hate relationship I'll never abort.
So, what do I hope for, one wish I'd send?
To bless me and my loved ones, both family and friends,
With a holiday of peace and good will that never ends.

Until tomorrow!

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