Sunday, November 30, 2008

Patience in you have any?

As of late, I'm discovering a lack of patience when I write, and I'm wondering....where did that come from? You see, I'm the kind of person who savors the writing process....slowly chewing on the words and phrases I create. Yet, recently, I notice how my mind wants to focus on the ending and not on the here and now. It's maddening. I hate it, but can't seem to stop it at times. It's a challenge in discipline to stay with the story, build it step by step, carefully choosing the details, but it is totally necessary. The quality of writing depends on it. I have previously written about impromtu writing. And that is a wonderful exercise to get your creative side flowing. In its place impromptu serves well. But for heaven's sake, that shouldn't mean for you to run a race all the time, ignoring the quality, producing a hodge podge of jumbled words and phrases where even revisions won't save you because it turns out such a mess! When you are creating your "masterpiece", savoring is key. Even if that annoying voice in the back of your mind keeps telling you to hurry up and get to the ending, you should slow down. Enjoy. Savor. In any case, I will continue to try and pace myself, get back to the rhythm I normally keep, and enjoy the process. My writing "sanity" depends on it.
So, what do you think? Do you have patience? Or does that annoying voice sometimes bug you, too? Share your thoughts.


Rian Murray said...

Thanks for visiting my blog as well. Although mthe subject matter of my blog is a bit off-color, it gives me a reason to articulate my thoughts, and in turn, improves my writing. I feel that a writer is in a constant state of becoming and I was drawn to your blog by--not only the wisdom you display in your posts--but also the humility in which you approach the subject as an already published author. Thank you.

brainsnorts said...

the problem is being able to see a long-term project to its completion, to envision the gratification you'll get when the marathon is over. too many people start writing from nothing, just a thought, without actually plotting and outlining the story. here's an analogy that i like:

when you go on a long trip, do you get behind the wheel and randomly drive and turn, choosing roads and highways at random? or, do you map it all out beforehand and follow a planned route?

too many people try the first one, just writing from a germ of an idea without planting, cultivating, watering, and feeding. they don't have the patience to really see where they are going to end up. when this happens, we get bored because we can't see the end.

i realize there is some excitement in writing on a whim, improvising, sort of a "carpe diem" approach. however, there's a greater excitement to make a plan, follow it, alter it if necessary, but eventually see it through to the end. this is what separates known from unknown writers.

Marcy said...

I get impatient when I have an idea that just needs to come out. Since I tend to write (i.e., handwrite) most of stuff out first, I can usually work through my impatience. I slow down when I'm actually typing in the computer.

Anonymous said...

based on my former experience, writing usually tired me out, most especially when i'm not seeing the outcome, the ending, the main goal and destination of the story right away. even until now though i'm currently working on it.

teacherwriter said...

Thanks to all who commented. Maybe it has to do with specific projects. With novels, I definitely plan. For me there's no other way. It's those darn short stories that make me want to take short cuts!

And brainsnorts....sometimes those rides with no destination can be a great adventure! Enjoy :-)