Friday, November 21, 2008

Style and Genre...are you a match?

Many wonderful comments to the previous post gave me the idea for this one. So, thanks to all who blogged!

Descriptive writing and action. They combine in varying amounts to create what the author hopes will be engaging reading. But can we say each genre of reading requires it's own unique formula for writing? Does your particular style of writing, eg. heavy on the action, light on the descriptive, lend itself to a certain genre and therefore "push" you in that direction when writing? Often, mystery and suspense lean toward the action scenes and leave the flowery descriptions out of the picture. Literary works may find description of character, scene, etc. a heavy but necessary component to achieve success. This may sound too black and white, and I recognize that fact. Take a really talented author and no matter what the style, he or she can write whatever he or she may want. But it's an interesting topic. Can your style of writing influence the genre you choose? Share your thoughts.


Roxy said...

First I'd like to thank you for being a Special Ed Teacher. You do a wonderful service for all us mom who have kids that don't respond to us.
Teaching youngsters who might otherwise go through school barely reading and writing is a great gift and you give it everyday! I raised one of those special children and now my grandson is going through a ruff time learning how to read. So a big thank you!

As for my style of writing and descriptive words. I too like the short stories and poems because it only takes a few brief words to say what you have in your heart. Although I love Stephen King's novels - i couldn't begin to write anything as long and thought out has he does. He has a gift of being able to put you right in the story with him. The place - the mood - the scary scenes.
Your blog is interesting I'll be back for more.

Marcy said...

My writing style and genre do match. I was told a long time ago that you write what you know. Since I'm not going to write a fiction novel or short stories, I choose to write about my kids and about cooking. I try not to ramble unless I'm making a point (usually a funny one) in my post and I use just enough description to make the story gel.

I like your blog and will check back again....


Anonymous said...

my genre interest and writing style changes/adapts depending on the book i'm currently reading. and most of the time, of course, i can't level. lol.. i am currently reading a stephen king book. (and i can't definitely match his details. lol. what am i, dreaming?) but i began to think of writing a mystery genre + sci-fi, because i had watched this very intellectual anime that inspired me alot. yesterday i read Anne Frank and Me in one sitting, and was inspired by the simplicity of the work. not too descriptive (which can definitely apply to me) yet still captivating.. and i do hope i can create something as fascinating too, someday. now im becoming more confident with my work, that i don't really need to extract alot of flowery descriptions in my drying brain. though it must probably be better if it has these 'enhancer' details..

ps: i'm doing on short stories, and it's wonderful what i discovered. even if i finally finish the story, i have this insight of how to expand it forever.. well, if not forever, maybe just longer. :D

Anonymous said...

You have an interesting site. I do think that your style, once found, will lend to a group of genres. I would like to invite you to my site and possibly a link exchange if you are interested.

Creative Student said...

Hello! I really liked/appreciated the comment you left on my short story a few months back!! the story has been developing ever since then in my head but I have been unable to offer it up to paper just yet - I have just been too busy! I am currently turing a portion of the story into a script to enter a competition - if you have any insight into scriptwriting I would love to hear it!!

Pop by for a chat soon, glad to see you are stil blogging!