Friday, October 16, 2009

Check It Out ... Weekly Websites

Since I seem to spend SO much time cruising the internet, I decided to share some of the goodies in case any of you might find it useful. :-) Here is an article from Writing World about marketing tips. If you decide to take a peek, let us know what you think. Or maybe you have some ideas of your own you wouldn't mind sharing.


And here is one that is just plain fun. I discovered it recently when checking out my fellow blogspot members. It offers colorful backgrounds to add to your blog page.



Hunter said...

Wasn't familiar with the Writing World site. Interesting article, and I plan on poking around to see what else they have.

Thanks for sharing!

teacherwriter said...

Hunter -- Yeah, there are so many sites. Wish I had time to visit and read them ALL! Let's see...if I could just figure out a way to stre--t--ch that 24-hour day, that would be sweet. But then there would be more things I HAVE to do instead of want to do, wouldn't there?