Friday, October 9, 2009

Name That Poet --- #1

I thought I'd mix it up a bit. So, here is a poem for you to ponder. If you can, name the poet, and as a plus.... the title of the poem.

my sweet old etcetera
aunt lucy during the recent

war could and what
is more did tell you just
what everybody was fighting

my sister

isabel created hundreds
hundreds) of socks not to
mention shirts fleaproof earwarmers

etcetera wristers etcetera, my
mother hoped that

i would die etcetera
bravely of course my father used
to become hoarse talking about how it was
a privilege and if only he
could meanwhile my

self etcetera lay quietly
in the deep mud et

cetera, of
Your smile
eyes knees and of your Etcetera)

good luck to all of you!

And the winners are ...... Cara and JW with the answer: e. e. Cummings and "My Sweet Old Etcetera"
Congrats to you both. And if you want, take a winner button with you to place on your site.


Cara Powers said...

e.e. cummings, of course.

JW said...

E.E. Cummings, My Sweet Old Etcetera.
A very well written poem. Good find on your part, too.

Cara Powers said...

I'm going to go with "etcetera" for the title, although I should just wait until I'm home and see if this poem is in my e.e. cummings anthology.

teacherwriter said...

Cara & JW ... You guys did it :-) Isn't that poem great?! I just love Cummings. Anyway, great job.