Monday, October 25, 2010


National Novel Writing Month is upon us once again. Starting November 1st for an entire month, those who want to run the marathon of writing words at a frenzied pace should check it out. The idea (for those who have yet to experience the madness) is to write a 50,000 word novel in just 30 days. Yeah, I know, but it can be done :-) Have tried and done it myself. And without any temptation or submission to cheating, either!

So cruize on over and climb aboard the NaNo train. Exercise your creative writing muscles! That's what they are there for. Right?!


Enjoy! ^^^^


Tina said...

Hi Kathryn. I'm going to do my own version - two months, 100,000 words! Starting November 1st.

teacherwriter said...

:-) Sounds like a great plan! And no matter how many words most come up with in that month deadline ... most will add more! (I know I did. lol)

Thanks, Tina ... and happy writing!

Sarah said...

You might as well shoot me's hard enough for me to do 500 words in one hour.

teacherwriter said...

Ahhhh .... but it is a glorious pain to endure!

The Phoenix Foundation said...


Albeit I am in Malaysia, notwithstanding www, do I qualify to write, as I also teach!



Jamie Fox said...

I'm signed on for NaNoWriMo and I'm excited! It's my first time so I'm a little anxious about whether I will make the number, especially since I have never attempted more than a short story. You have to start somewhere, though, and it's a fine challenge! Good luck to everyone who is involved!

teacherwriter said...

Get ready, get set, flex your fingers, and it's almost time to NaNo! Good luck to all of you.