Saturday, October 2, 2010

Podcast of "A Date to Die For" Part 2

For those who have been following, the podcast of part 2 of my mystery short, "A Date to Die For", is finally up and running ...
Lilly Millenovanovich has come to Atlanta for a book event to sell a few of her novels, maybe do a bit of shopping, but most of all to meet one of her author idols, Sylvestor Stone. What she didn't count on is a date with the famous author. And Lilly thought it might have been something to look forward to except for a couple of details. One, Stone tended to talk about himself ... a lot. And of course, there is that messy detail of finding her date dead in the bathtub.
Hope you stop by New Fiction Writers and listen to what Lilly plans to do about solving the murder, without getting herself killed, that is!

Again, thanks to Tony and Renee for doing such a great job and making this possible!

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