Sunday, October 31, 2010

Five Quick Tips to NaNo-ing

The countdown hour is here. It is the eve of the NaNoWriMo 2010 launching and you are in a panic. You think maybe it's too daunting, too terrifying, just too, too many words! Relax. It's only a contest. Nobody is going to bully you while you write or fire you if you don't. But in case tomorrow comes, and you decide to give it try, here are a couple of useful or maybe not so useful tips. You decide.

1. Keep to your goal: 50,000 words divided into 30 bites = 1,667 words each day! or for week-end warriors -- 4 BIG bites of 12,500 words each.

2. When you hit a "bump" in the story -- KEEP WRITING and don't look back. (It's just your mind trying to trick you because it wants to take the easy way out and quit before reaching the finish line.)

3. Pick a place and time -- it's easier when you can tell the family or whoever tends to bug you when you're doing something important, (that's NaNo, of course). Just tell them, "I'm going to write, now. DON'T BOTHER ME."

4. Don't sweat the small stuff -- (hmm, not really trying to highjack your title, Mr. Carlson) There is plenty of time AFTER November to edit, revise, edit, revise and so on. So, ... (refer back to #2 tip).

5. Get some sleep! -- Your creative side won't appreciate working with your grouchy, semi-conscious side. Trust me, even with 50,000 words and a winner's finish, you'll still have a train wreck on your hands and no amount of editing/revising will salvage it!

Happy writing!


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Anonymous said...

Good advice from Nano. I finished my effort and am now in the process of edits. You have a very nice website, too! I will have to spend more time here.