Sunday, August 14, 2011

When You Hit That Bump in the Road ... Life and Writing

Okay, so I was going about my business for the day. I had errands to run and I wanted to hurry up, get them done, and then home again to write. Easy enough ... or so I thought. Rushing across the garage to my car, I tripped on an uneven surface and fell flat on the cement floor. Ouch! My knee took a beating and so did my day. I ended up a hostage in my chair without a single errand run. However, on the upside, I got lots of writing done!

I guess you could say my mishap, forcing an adjustment to my plan, reminds me of writing, too. Sometimes the best plan of action must take a few twists and turns ... or "falls" if you will. Adjustments in plot, characters, even the whole book can happen when you least expect it coming. The advice being, be prepared for all things. Sure, I could have pouted for a while, thinking about the clumsy move and ruin of my day. But I got my writing done! Nothing bad to say about that :-)

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Krista M said...

That's so very true. We hit those bumps in life and in writing and they throw us for a loop. Sometimes good and sometimes bad, but it all has a purpose.

teacherwriter said...

Yea and the purpose may not always make itself clear right away! :-) Thanks, Krista