Friday, February 13, 2009

Part II

Well, part II of "Betrayal in an Envelope" was posted earlier this week. For those of you who would like or care to take a look: I stated in a previous post that I would reveal the first draft ending to the story and explain (or try to) why I changed it. In my first effort Anne goes back to the store to talk with her friend, Stephanie, about the tragic news she had just learned about Wesley and about her husband. However, when I reworked the story and added in more detail about each character, Anne transformed into not only a grieving friend and wife, but also a vengeful woman who needed to right a wrong. How she does so even surprised me. And the fact that Stephanie is not who she appears to be added to the transformation. Of course, the final act by Anne, though shocking, just seemed a natural turn and conclusion to the plot. In any case, that is what I did with it.

And this to Brainsnorts: You had me utterly focused on the use of character names within the dialogue! I'm hoping it helped make Greta Allstein sound like the obnoxious, condescending person I intended her to be! But it was a good piece of advice. Thank you.

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Jen said...

From just this post, I am intrested in the story line already. Keep it up!