Monday, February 16, 2009

Writing Tip of the Day...Pace Yourself

Thanks to a previous comment from Vanessa, I decided to post on this topic: Pacing your writing tasks. As if you all didn't know this. After all, it's common sense. But I need to remind myself on occasion, those times when I get so frustrated -- set small goals. Say, one page? Or one hour? Just a small task of writing. Then, the job doesn't seem so daunting or ominous. And if you write more than that much...even better! Dating your work -- a bench marker, if you will -- after each writing period might help you feel that sense of accomplishment, not to mention showing you your pattern of writing. I've tried this for two reasons. That sense of accomplishment for one, and also to prove that even though my lazy side is trying so hard to convince me that, for example, I just wrote a page or two a couple of days ago, it's actually been two weeks! How the mind uses devious ways... right?


jan said...

you get really great advice and i will deffintly set small goal for now and for when i am a sophmore and junior and senior from janet a

Vanessa Rogers said...

Vanessa! That is me! Because of my comment you wrote this post? That in itself makes me feel special. I have been trying the pace yourself method. I have given myself the goal to write 5 hours a week (not blogging). It really helps to set a goal like that. It makes it less overwhelming.