Monday, February 23, 2009

Tip for the Day... Revising & Fuzzy Details

Okay, so you are revising your work, and you come to some "fuzzy" parts that leave you clueless. Now, what do you do to fix it? If that part seems inadequate, like it's missing something, maybe leaving you confused, you can use a form of free-writing where you may expand on that point in your story. You might be including more detail about the character's inner thought. Or possibly your free-writing may give more descriptive images to a scene. In any case, the idea is to launch into a free-write, inserting it at that fuzzy point. Keep it loose, uninhibited, don't stop to think about it, criticize it, just keep writing until you run out of steam! Once you've done this, you should leave it alone for a time, a few days or so. Then, come back to it to assess what you have. Revise and or cut any details that may seem overdone or out of place. More than likely you'll end up with a better product, which your readers will appreciate. Of course, you will want to read it aloud again, seeing if that satisfies. If not, keep on polishing and revising until it's smooth and shiny!


brainsnorts said...

question for you, miss: what can you tell me about piker press? after reading what you had said about being nervous over submitting something, i decided, "hey, i can do that too," and i did. however, i know nothing about the site. please share whatever you might know. how'd you find them? anything?
thanks. i would have e-mailed you, but i couldn't find a link on your profile.

teacherwriter said...

Brainsnorts -- Props to you for submitting a story! I found Piker by googling on line for magazines and ezines that would accept mystery shorts. I just remember that the info on their submission's page seemed sincere. I know they don't pay, but the statement "a legitimate e-credit" seemed hopeful! Anyway, the thing that most impressed me is constructive feedback. When I got a response from the editor saying if I revised this, this, and that...well, I was surprised. Never had I gotten so much from any one publisher. But that's about all I can tell you. It took about two or three weeks for her to ask to look at it. And then a couple months before she got back to me with comments. Something to do with getting end of the year business done. Hope this helps.
And if you want to email me: