Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December Challenge: Day 12 - Coming to You Live from my Consciousness

My day recapped in a stream of consciousness... sort of. Should be interesting 😁

I hate mornings. My body is stiff. I have a sinus headache...must be the drastic cold, snowy weather. My head is a barometer! Coffee. I need lots of coffee to clear the headache and loosen the stiffness. I miss my younger self, sometimes. 

Relax while watching the news. Relax. News. Now, THAT'S a contradiction! I'm playing the odds in my head on who's gonna win that election in Alabama. Two cups of coffee and a bagel. I'm good to go. Max looks ready to go too! The wind is fierce. He doesn't like it much, but he takes care of business. 

Time to pay a visit to the Verizon store. Father-in-law needs a phone before he goes into assisted living. Explain the situation to the attentive sales person. Ask my questions. Say what?? I need the pin number??? Great. I don't know the pin number. In fact, I very much doubt HE knows his pin number! Note to self: tell hubby to bring parents' phone home so I can take it to Verizon and let them do their thing. 

Next, stop at store to buy gift cards for groomer and hair dresser. Tis the season! I couldn't manage without those ladies 😊. It's nearly noon. How'd that happen?! Lunch sounds about right. I'll join hubby in a meal before he leaves for work. TV? More election fodder and details about the bombing in NYC. It's something every day, isn't it?

Make copies of admissions packet, then it's time to drop it off at the assisted living facility. I do believe the temp is colder than this morning, AND the wind is kicking butt! AND of course I have to park a mile away 😢. Have a nice chat with the director. Meeting to sign papers next week? Check. Arrange for doctor to do final exam on father-in-law? Check. Inform her of furniture moving day and of father-in-law's move-in day? Check. Check. And we're done...for now. 

Home sweet home.  I think I'll take a nap. A short one. Got lots left to do. An hour later...🤣 I need to make a list. Shopping tomorrow for party supplies and other items. Too many items. I'm thinking of all the other "too many" situations. Like holiday decorating, addressing cards, wrapping presents...oh so many presents. Yeah, all that. 

The tree is messy. Lots of fake snow-covered branches lose a lot of fake snow. Just sayin'. Tree's up. My floor needs swept. I mean, how is this fake tree any less messy than a real one that drops needles? Drag boxes filled with all the Christmas decor out of the closet. Amazing how a nine-by-ten room's floor space is not enough for a half dozen boxes. Overflow goes in the hall. I stare at them for a minute. Maybe save some for tomorrow? Yeah, that sounds like a plan. 

Dinner for me? Couple of eggrolls. For Max? Kibble. Now, I can settle down and relax. Until the phone rings. The social worker. (She can't get ahold of hubby. I'm  person number 2.) Father-in-law is having a fit. He's confrontational, wants to go home, and hates everyone at the rehab center. I tell her if they can't get him to calm down, call me and I'll talk to him. Twenty minutes later... He won't listen to reason, even from me, now decides he doesn't want to go into assisted living. Oh, boy 😞. He tends to have these spells in the evening. Maybe sundowners? It's very frustrating and I'm having a meltdown. 

Glass of wine and it's all good. Until tomorrow. Then more errands. Taking Max to the groomer, shopping for those items on my list, visiting my hair dresser for cut and color, and, oh, how about those Christmas decorations? Yeah, tomorrow's another day!

Cheers, all! 🎅

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