Sunday, December 3, 2017

December Challenge: Day 3 - Keeping the Rhythm

Christmas shopping for my grandbaby, Henry, has me remembering all the children's books I enjoyed reading to my kids. Then I started thinking about all those stories with clever rhymes. One of my favorite authors is Dr. Seuss. The wonderful Cat in the Hat! And that got me thinking about what I learned a long time ago, how the rhythm of words is a part of one's style.

Of course, it goes way beyond the written word. In fact, when you think about it, rhythm is everywhere. It's the slow beat of waiting anxiously. Building faster when time flies or you're bursting with excitement. It's syncopation, the melding of emotions like sad to happy to angry and back to happy. I like that. Who wants to be the redundant hum drum, the same, lame dame? And I feel that way about writing, too. Guess that's why I'm in the mood for some crazy rhythm and rhyme, slow, fast, whatever I can make it. Hmm, now, let's see ...

Snow blankets, chilly days
Give me time
To write this rhyme,
Line after line.
Isn't it fine?
I hear the sounds of each syllable,
The beat,
So neat.
It's a real treat
To share the moment
I want you to--Say!
Did you hear it?
Did you tap to the rhythm and rhyme?
Keep time?
Each line?

I'd give you more,
More beats and rhyme,
If you ask, to
Complete the task.
But there's much to be done.
I have to run.
I'm busy,
So busy,
It's made me dizzy
How busy I am!

I'll end this
In total bliss
To say season's greetings.
I enjoy such meetings
With you
I truly do.
But join me again,
Another day
I'll have more to say.
So for now...
No more time to rhyme.
Good day!

Enjoy your Sunday! Until tomorrow...

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