Wednesday, December 6, 2017

December Challenge: Day 6 - Frazzled But Full of Cheer

Sorry this is coming out so late. A tangle with my printer lasted several rounds and the printer won. 😝 

That said, first up...did you figure out the anagram greeting? Wishing everyone a holiday of happiness and plenty of family memories. Maybe you'll try creating a few of your own. Or rise to the challenge of going "Bach" and compose a music cryptogram! Enjoy 🙄.

Speaking of frustrated and frenzied, this time of year lays it on heavy. And that's when despite the holiday challenges your life is doing it's usual thing, normal routines. But life's not fair and most people have some kind of trouble or baggage they carry around. Remember that. When someone at the store snaps at you, think about why, what kind of baggage that person carries. We all get so wrapped up and focused on our own lives, we forget or ignore what's around us. A kind word, a smile, a selfless gesture, it's a gift that costs nothing but a little effort. Fill Christmas cheer with those gifts.

People I hold dear are suffering. Old and frail, scared of the changes in their lives, trying to hold onto what's familiar, and all while keeping their dignity. We make every effort to help and guide them. It's hard to remain constant and strong, but we do it out of respect and love. 

The smallest kind gesture you give to others lifts them little by little. It's the decency in all of us that should come out, not just at Christmas, but everyday and in every opportunity. Remember that, too.

God bless, and have a wonderful evening.

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