Saturday, December 9, 2017

December Challenge: Day 9 - Layer by Layer

Had a fun time at Painting with a Twist today. My snow globe is not bad for beginner status. The best part was spending time with my daughter and friends. 

After my post from yesterday, I'm looking at the painting as a process, like my writing. It's a true comparison.
  • start with the background -- my story setup; 
  • fill in the bottom with table and snow -- plot events and synopsis; 
  • add evergreen trees -- characters, their roles, motives, descriptions; 
  • paint the globe base -- the main goal, climax, denoument; 
  • dot with snowflakes and draw the final touch, the star -- fleshing out the story until it's fantastic! 
See? The process of creativity is found in all mediums, writing and painting included. Sharing the work and socializing with all my fellow artistic wannabees? Just like book signings and author expos. Now, reviews are an entirely different animal! Haha. 

What gets your creative juices flowing? I'm sure there are plenty of other talented people out there who have great things to share. 

Enjoy your evening! Until tomorrow. 😊

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