Saturday, December 2, 2017

December Challenge: Day 2 - A Day in the Life

You might call this entry a cheater. Way too easy! But it proves one thing...I need to time-manage my life better to accomplish more!

7:30 am: Rise and shine! Get dressed and drive to daughter's to feed and let the dog out. (They're on vacation.)

7:50 am: Stop at McDonald's for two coffees to go.

8:00 am: Home, eat breakfast, watch the news (heartbreaking stuff... Tax bill passed, which is the biggie. Mike Flynn, shame on you. Wonder who goes next?); drink second cup of coffee, turn tv off (disgusting, depressing, don't need it)

8:45 am: Take Max for a walk. Nice sunny day, a bit chilly but tolerable.

9:15 am: Shoot off email to Senior Living coordinator, asking more questions. Time is getting closer for in-laws.

9:15 am: Check my emails and surf the net -- no news from the agent or publishing world. *sigh* Not that I was expecting it. Holidays are for everyone to take a break. 😊

10:00 am: More coffee and time for edits and revisions on my current masterpiece, or what could be, after all those revisions.

Noonish: I'm cross-eyed and irritated and maybe a bit edgy (Put down the coffee, woman!) Open packages delivered...lots of Christmas gifts = $$$ Oh, my charge account is ready to explode!)

1:00 pm: More edits...that won't last long. I'm frazzled and fried in no more than 30 minutes!

1:30 pm: Max is whining. Time for another walk.

2:00 pm: Oh joy. Another delivery. The Roku equipment. Must hook up for hubby. Drat! I have to enter user names and passwords for every app again?! Amazon. Netflix. Spectrum. Grrrrr.

2:30 pm: Tada! Mission accomplished, but my hands are shaking and eyes crossed again from punching in all those letters and numbers...up, down, across, repeat. Time for a quick snooze.

4:00 pm: (Nooooo. The snooze didn't last THAT long. I just can't remember what I did was it 3 to 4?) Time to order pizza. Go get pizza. Eat pizza. Watch TV while eating pizza.

5:00 pm: Read a bit... literary women's fiction titled HALSEY STREET. I must say it's not bad. I may finish this one.

5:30 pm: Stare defiantly at my WIP. Nope. No more edits. Not today. Promise. Check email. Answer from Senior Living Coordinator gives me hope this plan may actually work!

6:00 pm: Last walk of the day, Max. I mean it! He agrees. Makes it short and conks out when we get home. Haha.

6:30 pm: Time to drive to daughter's and let out the dog. And feed her. (They won't be home until tomorrow.)

7:00 pm: Stop for gas. Go home. Stay home. Pleeeease. Watch a holiday movie or two, maybe a glass of Christmas ale to go along with the festive mood. Ooo! ELF is playing! One of my favorites! "Santa's coming! I know him!"

Yeah, it's a rough life. Lol. 😁

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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